What to do when cakes are baking

Kids and adults alike love getting stuck in when it comes to baking. From experimenting with new ingredients to weighing and measuring to kneading and mixing, but what do we do when the cakes are in the oven or cooling down?

There are plenty of ways to make the most of these waiting periods and keep boredom at bay (although remember it can be a good thing to be bored sometimes!).


The cakes are in the oven, the kitchen is in a state of post-baking devastation, and the kids are watching the timer like fidgety hawks. Keep them busy and make cleaning up fun by challenging them to restore the kitchen to its clean and tidy state before the timer goes off. On your marks, get set, go!


Whether you’re baking for a special occasion, a person, or just for the sheer joy of it, mini flags can be made from paper and cocktail sticks to add that little something extra to your cakes. We would avoid glitter (unless it is edible – it doesn’t go too well with icing) so instead use colouring pens to transform your flags into bright name labels, birthday wishes, or simply patterned decorations. This brings a touch of arts and crafts into the mix and keeps the kids occupied and engaged.

Cake decorating sprinkles


Another way to unleash creativity is to make and decorate little cardboard boxes for your cakes. This is especially adorable for individual cupcakes and ideal for events such as bake sales. Use the links below to download our box templates to make and design your own.


We love to experiment, and having a range of decorating options makes baking all the more fun. The kids will love preparing their decorating stations and beginning to think about how they’ll create their masterpieces. We like to set out little individual bowls for chocolate chips, sprinkles, fruit, and various colours of icing, so it’s all readily available and there’s no squabbling over who can use what first.


Make the waiting period fun and sharpen those arithmetic skills by challenging the kids to countdown competitions. The complexity of these will obviously vary between age groups, so we’ll just give an example. Whoever answers correctly first gets 10 points! It’s 2pm now and the cupcakes take 20 minutes to cook, at what time do we need to take them out of the oven? When the cakes are out of the oven, they take 40 minutes to cool down, at what time can we start decorating?

There are plenty of ways to fill these waiting periods, so make the most of this quality time and turn waiting into activity-filled fun.


Colour-in cupcake box template (File size 59.65 KB)
Blank cupcake box template (File size 33.52 KB)

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