To party bag or not to party bag?!

If you’re the parent or grandparent of a child under 10, this question has probably come up more than once. These traditional goodie bags, filled with ever more impressive arrays of sweets and toys, are the bane of every parent’s life!

They’re meant to be a cute way of saying thank you to your guests for turning up, bringing a present, and hopefully not vomiting on the carpet, but nowadays they feel like a whole industry. Organising party bags can be surprisingly expensive, and lots of parents are wondering – do we have to?!

Party bags are often full of sugary sweets that the children don’t really need after all that party food, and plastic tat that ends up in the bin. But many parents still worry that they’ll end up on the parental naughty step at the school gate if they don’t bow to social pressure 

We’re not saying you have to give them out, or you have to give them up completely, but we do have some great ideas for alternative ways to say thanks after your child’s party.

Easy and inexpensive party bag alternatives

  • Party bags don’t have to be overly elaborate – how about limiting it to a balloon, a tiny toy (bubble blowers are always popular with younger kids) and a piece of birthday cake or a butterfly cake to take home?
  • Get a bumper box of sweets and wrap a few in a piece of tissue paper for each child
  • Have a crafty party where they all get to make something to take home
  • Give each child a helium-filled balloon with a sweetie attached
  • Use coloured sandwich bags instead of specially-bought party bags, to save some money
  • Forget the bags (and excess sugar!) altogether, and give each child a hula hoop! You can get packs online that work out around £1 per hoop
  • Get a pack of colouring books from a discount store and give one to each child
  • Keep it super simple by just wrapping up a piece of birthday cake for each child, and leaving out the rest
  • Write a thank you card after the party (and maybe tuck in a couple of fun stickers as a treat).

Top tip!

Once you have poured your cupcake batter into the baking tray, give it a little tap on the worktop to get rid of any air bubbles. 

If you’re struggling with whether to do or ditch the party bags, how about speaking to some of the other parents in your child’s class? Chances are you’re not the only one looking for a pass on party bags, so maybe you can agree to do the same sort of thing, so no one feels awkward about spending too much or too little?

And if you want to make some super cool cakes to hand out at home time – how about these delicious celebration cupcakes, one of our most popular Trex recipes?


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