The joy of food art

Food art has taken many different forms over the years, from the elaborate breads of Ancient Rome, prepared by the bride-to-be especially for her wedding day, to the stunning Christmas pies of the Victorian era, to the eccentric genius of Heston Blumenthal’s ice cream pork pie.

These are just a handful of examples of the food masterpieces out there, but fear not, there are far simpler ways to get creative in the kitchen.

Not only is creating your very own food art the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the kids, it’s a fantastic way to channel their energy and unleash creativity. These are just a few ideas for baking with children:

  • Transform a Luxury Lemon Cake into a tiered masterpiece, and for an added touch, try your hand at shaping fondant icing into elegant flowers or fruits
  • For a smaller-scale food art project, let the kids go wild decorating Celebration Cupcakes
  • As the Ancient Romans proved, food art doesn’t have to be sweet! Stock up on the family’s favourite toppings and have some fun making Pizza faces
  • Follow in the footsteps of the Victorians and create a beautiful Turkey and Ham Pie centrepiece for your next dinner party – pastry can be tricky so try to keep your hands cold when making those decorative shapes

All of our recipes use Trex, which makes the bake light and fluffy so all you need to focus on is the presentation.

With the kids engaged and enjoying their baking masterpieces, why not seize the chance to branch out? Making food fun often means children are more open to trying new foods, especially if they are presented as part of the fun – halved olives on carrot slices make wonderful eyes for your pizza face!

We would love to see your bakes so let us know how it goes. And remember, don’t worry if it isn’t picture perfect – that’s all part of the fun!

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