Say goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn

September is seen by some as a goodbye to summer but we like to see it as a month of transformation. The leaves begin to turn golden and crispy underfoot, the kids are back to school, students set off to college and University, and it’s a great chance to try something new. Make the most of the delights of late summer with a seasonal bounty of apple, aubergine, apricot and courgette.


With the weather turning colder and days growing shorter, it’s a great opportunity to get the kids into baking. They’ll love helping to measure out ingredients and put their own spin on our chocolate chip cookies with some icing and marshmallows! Not only that, they make the perfect packed lunch treat.

If the kids are all grown up and embarking upon a University adventure, give them the gift of home baking to help with the move. Our hearty autumn crumble cake is a classic and packed with nutrients you’re unlikely to find in a typical student diet! Perfect hot or cold, a bit of Mum’s kitchen magic can make all the difference in the transition between home and halls.

With change in the air, why not try something new in the kitchen? Our apple and pear pancakes make the most of seasonal produce and are perfect if you’re not too confident in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a challenge, try your hand at perfecting choux pastry in our irresistible chocolate eclairs and profiteroles.

This month also brings a baking event to be excited about with National Cupcake Week running from 19th to 25th September! No matter what your skill level, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in some kitchen fun. The kids will love mixing the batter and getting creative with the decoration of our classic butterfly cakes. If you’re looking for something extra special to bake for the occasion, our celebration cupcakes are simply divine! 

All of our recipes use Trex, which is not only lower in saturated fat and aerated, you can use 20% less of it than butter. So whether you’re baking for the family or sending treats to University, Trex offers a simply delicious healthy alternative to butter.


We’re feeling the September shift and want to be a little more adventurous in the kitchen this month. To help give that little nudge, we’ve done some research on the top kitchen techniques to master in your lifetime. How many have you perfected?

  • Scones – Beginning with something simple, scones can be tailored to your tastes by taking the base recipe and adding whatever your heart desires, from raisins to cheddar to olives
  • Sponge cake – Another adaptable recipe, the sponge cake is one of the first recipes to master before venturing deeper into the world of baking
  • Choux pastry – As with many pastries, precision is key in making a successful choux so, especially in the beginning, make sure you follow the recipe as closely as possible
  • Piping icing – When piping your cakes it’s important to have a steady hand and a decent piping bag, it’s all about practice with this one
  • Meringue – There are three different types of meringue and varying techniques associated with each, French being the most common followed by Swiss and Italian
  • Bread – Again, there countless variations and techniques associated with the art of bread-making, we’d say the most important tips are to make sure your dough has been kneaded enough and have a tray of hot water in the oven during the bake to achieve the perfect crust
  • Brownies – Timing and temperature are crucial when baking brownies to achieve that crisp top with the irresistibly gooey centre
  • Cookies – Seemingly simple, the texture of cookies can be enhanced greatly by something as simple as cooling the cookie dough for longer 


Baking is a lot of trial and error, especially when you’re trying something completely new! The trick is to expect it to go a little wrong the first few times and to keep calm, leaving plenty of time to give it another go if things don’t quite go to plan. After all, if we were amazing at everything first time life would be pretty boring!

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