Mix it Up: The Savoury Side of Baking

For many people the word ‘baking’ conjures images of chocolate-lined mixing bowls, scales weighted down by mountains of glistening sugar, indulgent chewy cookies and weird and wonderful birthday cakes, but it doesn’t always need to be sweet. If you’re feeling sweet enough, why not try your hand at some savoury bakes? Not only is this a chance to explore another side of baking, it’s perfect if you and the family are trying to lay off the sugar.

For the Lunchbox

Baked treats are a fantastic way to jazz up the lunchbox, and you know what’s in them without having to Google unpronounceable items from a packet ingredients list! Sausage rolls are always a hit with the kids, and they’ll love helping to make them. If you feel like adding your own twist, trial different herbs and spices in the sausage meat. Cheddar and chive scones are also perfect for a pack-up; they’re delicious, quick and easy to make, and they travel well.

You may be thinking ‘it’s not all about the kids’! Our half-time leek, ham and cheddar pasties are the ideal packed lunch for all ages, whether you’re lunching on-the-go, in the office or in the great outdoors. Packed with bright veggies, succulent ham and creamy cheddar, they’re ideal for a lunchtime energy boost. Oh, and as is suggested in the name, they’re pretty quick to whip up.

Midweek Madness

Rather than seeing baking as a treat-only activity, why not incorporate it into your usual routine by trying out some weekday-friendly (far less time consuming) recipes for dinners? An asparagus, potato and cheese tart makes for a delightful family meal. Not only that, it can be prepared in advance and simply popped in the oven when you get home. If you’re looking for an easy-pleaser to make with the kids, nothing beats a classic pizza. Let the creative sparks fly with a pizza topping station!

Many recipes can be prepared in advance and frozen, saving you time during the week without having to forgo the joy of a home-baked meal. When freezing your bakes, it’s important to allow the food to cool completely before freezing in a freezer-friendly bag or tub. We also like to freeze in individual portions and clearly label each portion.

Take a Plate

We’re often left bouncing from decision to decision when asked to take a plate to a dinner party. Will everyone like it? What if someone else brings the same thing? Will it look okay compared to other dishes? We find it’s best to keep it simple, easy to transport, and always made with good quality ingredients. Our smoked salmon and asparagus tart is perfect for a fresh, light bite that’s impressive yet fairly easy to bake. If you’re catering for vegetarians, a red pepper, spinach and mozzarella tart is an easy and utterly delicious win.

Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely not knocking sweet treats, we just like to mix it up every now and again. So if you’re in the mood for some savoury, it’s time to get baking!

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