Planning a Holiday with Kids

The time has come to begin those all-important summer plans! Whether you’re opting for a trip abroad or a summer break closer to home, it’s important to cover all bases when planning a holiday with kids.

Home or away?

With travel being easier and more cost-friendly than ever, it is incredibly tempting to explore new countries. Getting to know different cultures, landscapes, languages and cuisines can be fantastic for broadening the kids minds, not to mention incredibly exciting. When venturing farther afield it is vital to do your research well in advance, from cultural differences to be aware of (for example in Japan it is deemed incredibly rude to speak on the phone on public transport) to weather patterns (avoid typhoon season at all costs) to child-friendly restaurants and activities in the area.

On the other hand, if navigating airports and unfamiliar locations with the kids in tow is a frightening prospect, holidays closer to home can be wonderful! Sometimes you discover amazing activities and sights to see just down the road, so why not embrace the joys this country has to offer? Not only would this potentially mean a single car journey to reach your destination, meaning no airport security or in-flight tantrums, it’s also far more budget-friendly.


Where to stay?

The all-inclusive package holiday is ideal for families. The activities are plentiful, you don’t need to worry about finding child-friendly places to dine, and most of the organisation and planning is done for you. With so many options available, the most difficult part will be picking your holiday! Sometimes, however, it can be far more relaxing to opt for a private villa. This option gives you and the kids a place of your own, which is often more spacious than hotels for a similar price. It also grants you freedom to roam and means you set your own agenda and meal plans, allowing you to dine in or explore local restaurants at your leisure.


The journey

When travelling with kids it can be a bumpy road – this is a slight understatement, it can be a complete disaster. To make the journey as smooth as possible, we believe preparation is key and have compiled a list of essentials to help get you there without tearing your hair out):

  • An entertainment pack for the kids will help to keep them occupied. This could include their favourite toy, a colouring book and pencils, travel games, story books and a disposable camera so they can document their trip.
  • Good snacks make travelling more enjoyable for everyone, just make sure you select foods that travel well and store them safely (in a cooler if required). We find food such as fruit, sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini pizzas and cookies are ideal. Don’t forget the bottled water and cartons of juice!
  • Bin bags and wet wipes are essential, especially if you’re bringing a car picnic! We also like to have plenty of tissues to hand and a first aid kit, just in case.
  • Things to keep the kids comfortable and encourage them to sleep, such as neck pillows, blankets and pyjamas, can really save the day on longer trips.
  • Good music to keep everyone’s spirits up!

Most importantly, have fun!

Enjoy the moment that will no doubt become a cherished family memory. It’s time to sit back and relax, singing car songs, embracing your unique family madness, and always bearing in mind: even holiday mishaps often have a funny side.

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