How to organise the perfect afternoon tea for kids

Afternoon tea isn’t just for grown-ups. How about throwing a kids’ tea party for a birthday or special occasion?

They’ll love getting all dressed up and pretending to drink fancy tea and because you can put a twist on it with different themes, it’s a party plan you can easily repeat.

Here’s a step by step guide to give you a little tea-spiration. (Sorry.)

Have a tea-rrific time! (We’ll stop now.)

Step 1: Set a date and send out the invitations

Before the party, make or buy invitations that fit your theme (princess, underwater, and animal themes are real crowd-pleasers). Make sure you let people know if they’re to dress up. If your little one wants to invite their dolls and teddies, they will need invitations too!

Step 2: Set the scene

Decorate the room with streamers and bunting. Set the table with a pretty tablecloth and flowers from the garden (or even have the tea party in the garden, if you have one and it’s not raining).

Step 3: Dress up and get into character

Dress up in fancy clothes, hats and headbands for a classic afternoon tea, or go full on fancy dress if you’ve got a theme. Even the dolls can get in on the dressing-up action.

Step 4: Tea is served!

Instead of serving children tea, how about serving juice or water from a teapot, into little teacups? Soaking herbal tea in fruit juice can be a fun, ‘grown-up’ alternative, but really, the kids won’t mind what they’re drinking.

Step 5: The perfect afternoon tea recipes

And of course, no tea party would be complete without delicious food to eat. Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

The kids will love to get their hands dirty helping to bake their afternoon tea treats. Did you know Trex baking recipes are categorised by difficulty so you can find something you can do together?


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