How to leave the house in under 20 minutes! (Promise)

If leaving the house with the kids in tow feels like mission impossible, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’d like to venture out for a low-key trip to a coffee shop with your scrumptious new-born, but you feel like you need three extra suitcases just to get out the door. (Don’t worry – it gets easier!)

Or maybe you’re just trying to match three small kids to the right shoes and bags so they get to school on time, but by the time everyone’s out the door, someone needs to pee and you all have to trek back in again…

Sometimes you think it would be easier just to shut the door and hide until they all turn 25.

Whatever makes your house-leaving efforts feel like prep for an arctic expedition, take things from chaos to calm with these top tips for leaving the house in under 20 minutes!


Plan if you can

It’s not always possible, but if you can arrange appointments and meet-ups for when your baby or child is in the best frame of mind to co-operate, life will be a lot easier! Avoid nap times and meal times if possible.

Minimise packing

Have a bag of essentials (like nappies, wipes and bibs) that lives in the car, so you don’t need to take so much with you each time. If you aren’t using a car, have a pre-packed ‘going out’ bag sitting ready for action by the front door. And for older kids, have their coats and shoes at the front door so you’re not running around looking for them at the last minute.

Check! Check! Check!

If you have older kids, make sure everyone is fed and watered before you leave. Have a bathroom check. And another one. Then, play the checking game by calling out tasks (like ‘coats on!’, ‘shoes on!’, ‘packed lunch!’) and getting the children to shout ‘check!’ in response.

Play beat the clock

Games are great way to make leaving the house fun for kids and motivate them to get ready quicker. Set a timer and work together to beat your ‘getting ready time’ each time you leave. Maybe there’s a reward for the quickest time each week.

Have a getting ready song

Similarly, having a fun song you sing together or even a playlist that you play in the morning will help motivate everyone to get going.

Turn errands into adventures

If you’re little one is excited about where you’re going, they’ll be much more amenable to getting ready more quickly. Turn your excursions into an adventure by giving your kids a mission to complete (like a top-secret trip to the supermarket to get 10 items to save the world!).


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