How to do a baby sale – in 5 easy steps!

You know how it goes – before your little bundle of joy even arrives, you’ve spent a fortune on all the kit. You’ve got high spec buggies and unfathomable car seats coming out your ears (or your garage, at least).

But before you know it, the baby has grown out of it all and you don’t need it anymore. Or even worse, the baby’s a teenager now and you still have their old cot taking up space in the loft.

It’s time to have a clear out.

You can pass on some of your ‘pre-loved’ baby gear to friends with bumps, or even send some to the local charity shop if they’ll take it. Or how about having a baby sale? Signing up for a table at a local baby sale (or even holding your own garage sale) is a great way to help local parents get the equipment they need for less and make a few quid yourself to spend on your next instalment of kid kit!

Here’s how to have a baby sale in 5 stress-free (ish!) steps:

Step 1: The Big Sort

It’s time. Get up there in the loft, rummage around the back of the wardrobe, and see what you’re dealing with. We guarantee you’ll find a whole load of things you’d forgotten you even had. Sort everything into piles of ‘potentially sellable’ and ‘definitely bin-able’.

Step 2: Figure out what you CAN sell

Of the ‘potentially sellable’ stuff, decide what you actually want to sell and what can be passed on to friends. Toys and equipment sell well at baby sales, whereas baby clothes don’t (new parents can usually find plenty of brand-new bargains in the shops). Check the rules about what labels you’ll need if you’re selling buggies, car seats and travel cots (or any other “safety” products!).

Step 3: It’s prep time!

Once you’ve got a date in the diary and a solid inventory, it’s time to do this thing! Get your float organised so you’re not flummoxed when you need to give people change, and start sticking labels on everything.

Step 4: Sale Day

On the day itself, it’s best to leave the kids at home. You don’t need them getting involved when you’re doing your best impression of an Eastenders market stall-holder. Tempt people towards your stand with some strategically-placed high-value items. You can even offer some yummy cake samples to keep them lingering (check with the sale organiser first!). Our coconut, almond and lime quinoa cake is the ideal crowd-puller.

Step 5: The Recovery Position

We’ll be honest, a baby sale is hard work. What better way to relax afterwards than with a well-earned cup of tea and one of our cakes, made with Trex?


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