How colouring in can help your child’s development

With all the devices our kids have at their fingertips, colouring in might seem a bit of an underwhelming pastime, but they love it! It keeps them entertained, it’s quiet and it’s fun. But did you know just how many benefits come with picking up a few coloured pens or pencils?

Here are 7 ways the simple act of colouring in can help your child’s development.

 1.   It helps them concentrate.

When you’re only 4 years old, colouring within the lines is a serious business. Whether they’re trying to colour neatly or just draw something important to them, colouring in is a chance to practice focusing on a task and paying attention to details.

2.  It helps develop hand-eye coordination.[1]

Getting the right colour in the right place gives your child an opportunity to develop coordination and practice motor skills. It also helps improve dexterity and grip, laying the foundations for learning to write.

3. It helps them learn colours.

As your child is colouring, you can use it as an opportunity to repeat the names of colours. As they get older, they’ll start to learn about lines and shapes, and then colouring sheets can be used to help them learn about specific topics, like pets or nature. 

4. It keeps them calm.

Colouring is a quiet activity which has been used as a therapeutic tool for a long time and is also a great way for children to express themselves. When a child feels proud of something they’ve created, they’ll also feel a sense of achievement.

5. It boosts creativity and self-expression.

Similarly, colouring is a creative outlet – it gives kids the chance to let their imagination run wild.

6. It helps with language development.

You might not expect this one, but as your child is excitedly telling you all about their drawings and the stories they represent, they’re learning to explain their ideas. [2]

 7.  It helps prepare them for school.

And finally, all that time spent sitting quietly, working with paper and pencils is great practice for when they start school.


Colouring in is also hugely beneficial to adults too, so why not join in next time? If you’re spending some quality time together colouring in, you might like to enjoy a little baked treat at the same time. Our chocolate brownies made with Trex dairy-free butter are the perfect fuel for creative time.


[2] The Lemon Tree Book Company (2017). Top ten benefits of colouring

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