Have your own teddy bears’ picnic!

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise… yep, it’s time for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

What better way to spend an afternoon than with toddlers, teddies and tiny food? Whether your picnic is in the garden or the living room, this is one the kids will want to do over and over.

Here are some easy ideas for creating your very own teddy bears’ picnic, whether it’s someone’s birthday or just for fun.

Embrace the teddy-tastic theme

Get the picnic vibe just right with blankets, paper plates and napkins. If you can find bear-themed items, even better. And of course, each teddy who’s invited to the picnic will get their own plate.

Encourage the children to dress up as bears or give out teddy bear ears. You could even do some teddy bear face-painting.

Play all the teddy bear games 

No party picnic would be complete without games. Here are our bear-themed favourites:

  • Teddy bear hide and seek – hide a teddy and give a prize to the kid who discovers him first.
  • Teddy bear treasure hunt – like hide and seek only better! Hide bears in different places around the house or garden, and the children have to find the one with their name on it.
  • Best-dressed bear – give out a prize for the child (or bear) with the best costume
  • Musical (bear) statues – the children have to dance to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song and when you suddenly stop the music at random points, they have to freeze like a bear. Anyone who wobbles has to go and sit with the teddy bear audience.

Don’t forget the teddy bear treats!

And of course, the best bit of the picnic is the food! You can’t go wrong with picnic basics like tiny sandwiches, chopped fruit, cheese chunks and cocktail sausages, but how about trying our cheddar, roasted seed and carrot savoury squares? Or chocolate chip cookies – use a teddy bear shaped biscuit cutter to stay in theme.

Top tip!

Making and freezing cookie dough in advance saves loads of time on the day. Just roll into balls, freeze then defrost and bake when needed. You’ll find this makes them even more delicious too!

Another fun party activity is to put out plain cupcakes that the children can decorate themselves to look like teddies – put out some icing for the face, sprinkles for the nose, and blueberries for ears.

So if today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic – you’re all set! You can find even more picnic-ready recipes, all made with Trex, in our baking recipes section.


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