Hand-Washing Tips

While we’re all for having fun with messy play, it’s important to keep the hygiene levels up (especially if you plan on eating your baked treats). We know the struggle involved in not just getting the kids to wash their hands, but teaching them to wash them properly, so we’ve compiled some top tips to help.


Children may see washing their hands as a chore, and if they do of course they’re going to avoid it! One way of making this a fun part of the baking experience is to sing Happy Birthday or the Insy Winsy Spider twice, giving the soap adequate time to work. This not only makes it more fun, you can also teach thorough hand-washing to the tune, which is a handy memory technique.

Another fun way of ensuring they’re washing their hands for long enough is using a timer. If the battle being fought remains of an uphill nature, challenge the kids to name as many animals as they can (while washing their hands) before the timer goes off.

Everyone loves gadgets, no matter how simple. Installing a shiny new automatic soap dispenser in your kitchen is guaranteed to encourage regular hand-washing. If it lights up or contains glitter, all the better!


Rather than opting for the oh-so-tempting ‘because I said so’, explain why washing your hands is so important, from how many invisible germs could be on one hand to how the germs can be passed on and spread bugs.

Wash your hands at the same time, making it clear that it’s a part of everyone’s routine and not just for kids.

Half fill the sink with warm soapy water and ask the kids to make as many bubbles as they can. This form of messy play will inevitably result in clean hands, but slightly damp clothes are also likely.


It’s important to make sure the kids can reach everything they need to give them independence. This could mean doing something as simple as placing a step beside the sink.

We hope this is helpful and if you have any tips of your own we would love to hear them so get in touch.

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