6 chalk-tastic garden games for all the family!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep the kids busy this summer, dig out the chalk and get creative with these simple and inexpensive pavement games.

Chalk games are a great way to get your child active during the holidays. Grab some colourful chalk and head out to the driveway or the garden path. You’ll want to find somewhere free of cars, and maybe avoid the neighbour’s front path…

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Let the adventure begin!

  • Go hopping mad with hopscotch – let’s start with a classic. The kids can practice hopping, throwing and counting, and you can take a nostalgic hop, skip and jump down memory lane.
  • Put a twist on Twister – take this indoor favourite outside, by drawing rows of red, green, yellow and blue circles on the ground. Make some cards with hands and feet in the four colours and put them in a bag. One person pulls the cards out of the bag and the others have to put their hand or foot on the correct circle. Last person ‘standing’ wins!
  • Get arty with pavement Pictionary – hilarious fun for all ages, where you take turns to guess the word your partner is drawing. We’ll be honest, we’re going to play it outdoors every time now.
  • Draw your own adventure – let their imaginations (and yours!) go wild by drawing a wiggly trail along the path. Every so often, draw an instruction like ‘hop on one foot’, ‘spin in a circle’, ‘roar like a lion’ or ‘stomp your feet’. Whoever gets the furthest along the path within the time limit (completing the tasks as they go) is the winner.
  • It’s a-MAZE-ing! If you’ve got access to a bigger space, how about drawing a human-sized chalk maze?! Draw a huge square with an opening for the entrance and add lines to create your maze. Make it even more fun by adding letters that spell out your kid’s name, so they can practice their letters as they discover the secret route to the centre.
  • Role play for days – one of the simplest ideas is just to give the children the chalk and let them act out their favourite role play games, complete with pavement illustrations. They’ll be occupied for hours.

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