5 ways to make family dinnertime more fun

‘Muuuummy, I’m huuuungry!’ ‘I don’t want that!’ ‘Can I go outside?!’

You know the drill – family dinnertimes can be chaotic, messy and full of tantrums (and that’s just the grown-ups). When you’re tired from a long day at work, the kids are loud, and you’ve got a million things to organise for tomorrow, you just want dinner to be over and done with.

We can’t promise to stop the spaghetti hoops ending up on the ceiling, but we CAN give you 5 ways to make family dinnertime more fun for everyone:

1. DIY dinners

Keep the kids entertained and save yourself some of the prep with a meal they get to assemble themselves, like fajitas or pizza. They’ll enjoy making decisions about what to eat, and they’ll have fun creating all sorts of weird and wonderful combos!

Top tip! How about using our easy bake Pizza Margherita, made with Trex, as a base? Let the kids add their own toppings, like chopped peppers, ham, or (if they’re adventurous eaters) sliced olives

2. Family book club

Once a month, have a book club dinner where you chat about a book you’ve all read. Older kids will love pitching books for everyone else to read. And for younger children, read the stories together and talk about your favourite bits over dinner. A great way to inspire a love of reading and connect as a family.

3. Theme night

How about a theme night every once in a while? Maybe you have an Italian night, or a red theme, or things beginning with B – the options are endless. Get the kids involved in decorating the table and dressing up to match the theme.

4. Share the best bit of your day

A really simple way to make dinner more fun and to bond as a family is to chat about your day. Ask the kids about the funniest thing that happened that day, or the happiest thing, or the silliest thing. It’s also a good opportunity to find out if anything’s up, by encouraging them to share any not-so-happy things too.

5. Table games

Who doesn’t love a family game?! ‘Finish the story’ will have you all howling with laughter over your hamburgers – go round the table taking turns to make up the next sentence in the story. Or how about ‘crunch a colour’, where they get points for eating a piece of food in different colours? (A great one if you’re trying to encourage them to eat more veg.)


Of course, one of the best ways to make dinner fun is to get the kids involved in cooking the meal – check out our huge range of baking recipes made with Trex. Did you know they’re rated by difficulty, so you can find something suitable for your child?


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