Your Baking Memories

We know baking together can be a special experience, whether it's being handed a famous family recipe or passing on your knowledge to a loved one.


Share your family baking memories here and help us inspire the next generation to create their own.

Guesswork’s best!

"Badgering my Mum for a proper recipe for her delicious bread pudding. She made it by guesswork but I got her to weigh everything as she added it to the bowl! I still have those weights but when I make it now, I make it by guesswork!"

Heather Binder-Pollard

Toffee tart treats

"I loved the toffee cream tart that they made for pudding at school, for school dinners, sprinkled with chocolate curls!"

Tracey Linstead

Super chewy toffees

“In school cookery classes, finding out that adding more vinegar to the toffee made it more chewy – silencing anyone who ate some!”

Jaye Roberts

Warm chocolate eclairs

“Watching my mum make chocolate eclairs on a Saturday night when my younger sister was in bed. Mum used to fill them with custard and I would have warm custard in mine because I couldn’t wait for it to cool. Special times with the best mum in the world.”

Val Holt

Dad’s baking sessions

“I remember regularly going shopping with my mum and younger sister on a Saturday afternoon. While we were out and he had the kitchen to himself, my dad used to bake all sorts of things. His favourite was coconut buns for him, raisin buns for mum and a flat fruity sweet pastry that we used to spread butter on. He was very good in the kitchen, when he got the chance!”

June Allan

Chocolate cake for California

“My grandchildren’s very favourite afters is my chocolate cake, which they call grandma’s chocolate cake. When they went to live in California they always asked me to bake one for them when I visited. Sadly the ingredients over there just did not make my usual delicious cake. Problem solved, I now make one at home, freeze it, put it frozen into a cake tin then into  my suitcase and when I arrive so does the cake.”

Mary Richards

Childhood weekends

"I remember having a Trex cookery book when I was still at school and I used to spend every weekend at our large kitchen table making various cakes, especially a small jam tart topped with a coconut sponge mixture. It was my younger sister's favourite."

Maureen Clark

Pastry perfection

"My Mother taught me how to make pastry when I was a child, I'm now nearly 60. We have always used Trex, she makes her pastry with plain flour but I prefer S.R. flour. I bake for a local cafe voluntarily and make a large traybake of current slice, everybody comments on how good my pastry is. I always tell them to use Trex! Wouldn't be without it in my fridge."

Valerie Moorcroft

Christmas Cookies

"The first time I taught my niece to make a set of Christmas cookies with Trex. It was a special moment as it was the first dairy free treat she had made for me.  I use trex instead of butter because I'm lactose intolerant but like baking. My dad who taught me to bake also used trex. Generation passed to generation."

Pauline Beaty

Festive Prep

"Of my Mum baking at Christmas, candied peel was put in a whole piece and had to be chopped up, suet was bought from the butchers had had to be grated for Christmas puddings.  The dried fruit for the cake and puddings had to be cleaned with flour and all the stalks taken off. My Mum also used to cream butter and sugar together with her hand for a lighter mixture."

Maureen Sutton

Gingerbread Architecture

"I have so many good memories of building gingerbread houses and competing against my siblings over who could get the most elaborate, tallest, fanciest house! They always fell over and there was always suspicion of sabotage!"

Anna Parker

Enticing Scents

"When it’s cold outside, you just can’t beat the smell of a freshly baked pie. It’s just the best thing when you open the kitchen door and you’re hit with those festive smells."

Jane Gilmerton

Pre-Christmas Treats

"When it got round to November I always used to beg my mum to start making Christmas treats. She used to placate us all with gingerbread instead so ginger always makes me feel like I’m gearing up for Christmas!"

Philippa Thomas

Getting Nostalgic

"My mum used to make the most amazing Knish, a pastry filled with potatoes, beef and onions. When the pastry was cooking it used to fill the whole house with the most amazing smells."

Katya Brian

Spooky Skeletons

"Making ginger bread men for halloween and trying to ice them to look like skeletons. My brother was really good at it but me and my younger sisters' just looked a mess!"

Muriel, York

Jack'o tart

"My mum used to make an amazing treacle tart at Autumn weekends. It was especially exciting at halloween when she used to put a pumpkin face on the topping!"

Amy, Liverpool

Marshmallow ghosts

"I once saw a recipe on television to make marshmallow ghosts. I moaned and moaned to my mum to let me make them but she was always too busy. Eventually I tried to make them myself by just putting a huge pile of marshmallows in the oven. Needless to say my mum was not impressed with the massive sugary mess left over!"

Sharon, Finsbury

Freshly Baked

"Watching my mother (who was a vegetarian) making an apple plate pie with Trex pastry and freshly picked Bramley apples from our garden, delicious short pastry and sweet oozing apples, I can smell it just thinking about it!"

Cherry Higgins

Tinned Treats!

"I looked after my grandson before he started school and we would bake a couple of times a week for him to take home for mummy & daddy. He loved baking with Nan Nan & would be so proud when he went home grasping his little tin containing the goodies!!"

Sue Clark


Risky business!

"My grandma letting me do the 'grown up' jobs too, like trimming the pastry off round a pie by holding the plate aloft in one hand and slicing with knife virtically all the way round. Precarious fun for a 6 yr old and too risky for a parent!"

Kate Jones


Baking with my boy

"Baking with my 3-year-old son is one of my favourite things in the world. Cupcakes are easy to bake and fun to decorate. In summer we load up the basket of his bike and head out to the park to enjoy our hard work!"

Nora, London

Summer Berry Crumble

"On nice summer days, mum & I would walk along the local canal path picking blackberries. When we got home we washed them, combined them with some of our windfall apples & covered them with fresh crumble. Dad liked ice cream with his, but mom & I loved clotted cream."

Ann, Telford

Food Fight!

"Fresh scones and arguing with friends whether the jam or the cream goes on first!! I say the cream...”

Rachel, Bletchley

Mum's crumble

"When I was a child every summer my mother used to make rhubarb and strawberry crumble. We used to eat it with the most delicious home made custard. I remember the smell even now."

Zia, Didsbury

Summer sponge!

"My Mom baking me lovely sponge cakes for tea, during our summer holidays. I would return home after playing in the hot sun with my friends and would be welcomed by the lovely aroma of cake baking in the oven - bliss!"

Carol, Bristol

Perfect Pasties

"Mum's homemade pasties with crumbly Trex pastry were the highlight of our summer picnics as a child."

Noelle, Aylesbury

The ultimate picnic

"Making cakes, and jellies in the shapes of rabbits for picnics in the garden with my grandma for my brother and cousins during the summer holidays."

Susan, Peterborough

Melt-in-the-mouth pastry

"My mum taught me how to cook when I was seven! She always used Trex for her pastry, it was always so light and melted in your mouth, I still use it as her tips were a thing that I will always remember."

Christine, Wigmore

Flour Power

"Baking with my mum and sitting watching it all rise in the oven as she tidys around me 'accidently' dropping flour on my head and face!"

Rebecca-Lillian, Grimsby


Spring pancakes!

"Hot pancakes from an iron griddle on a wet spring holiday afternoon."

Robert, Surbiton


Easter garland success!

"Trying out the Easter garland from the Trex website with my family. It was big hit!"

Sue, Leeds

Easy as pie

"My memory is making leaf shapes out of pastry scraps to decorate my mother's steak pies."

Irene, Swansea

Fresh from the orchard

"Ever since I was young my mother always made apple crumble with our own picked apple trees from our garden. She never forgot the Trex. She always used to tell me it was a must have when baking."

Andrea, Southgate

Tastes of childhood

"Having recently discovered Trex, I can now bake beautiful sponges tasting just how I remember as a child. And my husband loves it, too. Thank you, Trex!"

Rachel, High Wycombe

Treasured family treats

"Eating fluffy pancakes with sugar and lemon prepared by my late father as a "special" treat on a Saturday morning when he wasn't working, mmm lovely!"

Janet, London

Pancakes = happiness

"The smell of pancakes on pancake day! And the fun we had trying to toss them - happy, happy memories!"

Louise, Camberley

Delicious Fruit Pies

"My mother used Trex to make fruit pies during the winter months. After a cold game of hockey on an exposed school playing field, coming home to a hot meal with a pie and custard pudding was so good. The pastry was delicious."

Judith, Barton-upon-Humber

Stew and Dumplings

"My memory is of my nan's stew and dumplings on a cold winters day. It's still my favourite meal."

Michelle, Dover

Cake Mix

"Watching my mother bake every Sunday and letting me lick the bowl. She was the best baker in the world."

Catherine, Liverpool

From one generation to the next

"I remember baking ginger thins with my grandmother for Christmas over 40 years ago. I still do the same with my own children now. Takes half a day and great fun."

Elisabet, St Albans

Christmas preparations

"When I was little my mum started Christmas baking about three weeks beforehand and the whole family was involved - it was great!"

Linda, Strabane

Christmas tarts

"My baking memory is making loads of jam tarts, lemon tarts and jam bakewells for Christmas time every year with my mum when I was little."

Jenny, Sheffield

Home-made Christmas Cake

"As a child my mother taught me to bake. My speciality was Victoria Sponges and cup cakes but the highlight of the year was in late November, baking the Christmas cake. Mother supervised whilst I did all the hard work by hand. No blenders or mixers in those days."

Derek, Coventry

Christmas Goodies

"The smell of fresh baked Xmas biscuits beginning of November that starts officially xmas."

Stefanie, Cleckheaton

Ready for unexpected guests

"Making lots of mini cheese scones for the freezer, so handy at Christmas. Then if you have people calling by you can rustle up snacks or serve with small cups of hot soup."

Alison, Stewartby

Seasonal spice

"Memories of making small apple pies for Halloween and my mother showing me how to rub the flour and Trex together to make great pastry and the smell of cloves that we added to make a memorable baking day."

Barney, London

Sixpence surprise!

"I remember fondly every Halloween, my mother buying Trex and making apple tarts with a sixpence wrapped in tinfoil, hidden inside the tart."

Avril, Newtownards

Roll with it...

"When baking with young children don't get weighed down with correct measurements and technique. Just let them have fun, the results are still edible!"

Kim, Kirkham

Cookie heist!

"My greatest baking memory is probably also my first. I made cookies at my primary school when I was 6 or 7 and loved the recipe so much that I dragged my mum back to the school that evening to stare in through the classroom window after the school was shut and write the recipe off the blackboard so we could make them together at home."

Brian, Leeds

Pastry to the floor

"Cookery lessons at school were always good fun, I remember lining a flan tin beautifully with pastry then promptly picking it up and the bottom fell out, with my lovely pastry ending up on the floor!"

Sandra, Stoke on Trent

Making scones with Grandma

"My baking memory is making cheese scones with my Grandma when I was little and standing on a stool to reach the work top. This started my love of baking and I have enjoyed it ever since."

- Dawn, Derbyshire

Distraction decoy

"As a child (and the youngest) I would be sent to distract my mother when the first batch of welsh cakes were cooling so my brother and father could take some without getting told off. I still love them now, they always make me smile :-)"

- Kim, Hampshire

School Victoria sponge

"Making my first ever Victoria sponge at school. It didn't look the best but tasted good."

- Kelly, Lancashire

Baking day delights

"As a child, going to my gran's house on a Friday afternoon (baking day). Her kitchen table was full of baking – everything from apple pies and tea loaves to empire biscuits and gypsy creams. The smell was amazing and I was allowed a wee try at everything."

- Lynda, Larkhall

Giant masterpiece

"Making my daughter's giant cupcake for her birthday party and everyone thinking I bought it!"

- Jamie, Southampton

Red velvet cake

"I remember making my first cake with my mother and it happened to be a red velvet one. Well my younger brother came into the kitchen once it was complete and said 'I'm not eating that it looks like blood!'"

- Daisy, Luton

Love pies!

"My dad getting excited about my mum making a ham and egg pie. She used to make really huge deep ones that were delicious."

- Elaine, Guildford

Outdoor skills

"Taking warm cornbeef pie and a pan of mushy peas on a picnic and having to source and light a little fire to warm up the peas. Hot pie and peas on a beach – lots of envious glances."

- Janet, Cleveland

Family time

"Me and my mum would bake together every week - it was a great way to learn new things and now I am a passionate baker. As my brother got older he would join in but mainly to lick the bowl and steal any chocolate he could!"

- Claire, Edinburgh

Brekkie in bed

"As a child I would wake up early on a weekend so I could bake scones, jam buns and flapjacks for my mum and dad's breakfast."

- Helen, Leeds

Grandma's scones

"Memory of home made scones with home made jam and clotted cream on a picnic blanket out my grandma's back garden. Even just a bite now takes me right back."

- Tracy, Greenock

The best lunch

"Mum baking bread every bank holiday Monday so there would be bread for dad's packed lunch. Shops used to close then."

- Carol, Hull

Brave times

"Baking with my gran is my baking memory. Climbing the fence to pinch apples off next door's tree and hunting for blackberries to make apple and blackberry sponge. Yummy."

- Sarah, York

Those who matter

"I was interested in cooking and baking since I was a small girl. My mom is a very good cook and I remember spending days with her in the kitchen learning to cook and different kinds of tips and tricks. I would spend summers with my grandma who was also a wonderful cook and she would teach me as well. Most precious memories with the two women in my life I adore so much! :)"

- Jurgita, Bracknall

That chocolate cake!

"The Chocolate Easter Extravaganza Cake from last year's Trex calendar – loved by all the family especially my nephews. Gone in 24 hours!!"

- Karen, Cardiff

Easter fairy cakes

"I was always baking with my stepdaughter. Our best were animal fairy cakes for Easter with cows, pigs and chicks using buttons, marshmallows and icing!"

- Angela, Essex

Pudding surprise

"When I was younger, my mum always used to cook a proper Sunday dinner along with a pudding every Sunday. When my sister used to ask what was for pudding, my mum would reply 'wait and see'. For a good few years my sister thought 'wait and see' was actually the name of the pudding!!"

- Caroline, Leicester

Quick thinking

"One of my worst memories was when I tried to make a cake – as I tipped it out the tin the whole thing fell into pieces. My children looked at me with disappointment in their eyes, but I managed to save it by transforming it into a bird's nest and filling it with mini eggs, which was ideal as it was close to Easter. The children were delighted with my creation :)"

- Kelly, Isle of Wight

Spoon licking

"I remember mixing cakes with my mum and then licking the spoon. Now I mix the cake with my granddaughters and they always ask to lick the spoon."

- Diane, Suffolk

Home made pie

"My mother used to use Trex and I still use it. It brings back many happy memories of baking with her. She made beautiful pastry for fruit pies using the fruit we gathered from the garden."

- Jeanne, Ashton Under Lyne

Meringue mess

"I had watched my mum as a kid make meringue. However when I tried the tipping of the meringue over your head trick to see if it's stiff enough, I was not successful as a teenager. I managed to tip the whole bowlful over myself."

- Neil, Kent

Baking to impress

"Making a sponge cake to impress a boyfriend. The handle of the whisk fell in the mix. I fished it out and baked the sponge, but when I turned it out there was a screw embedded in the bottom! I put jam in and served. All was well until my little brother said "Guess what happened when she was making your cake…!"

- Chris, Boston

Sunday lunch preparation

"My nana always used to make the most delicious pastry especially her shortcrust which melted in the mouth. She always used Trex and the best butter and taught me never to use anything else. I still remember her making a steak and kidney pie every Saturday ready for Sunday lunch."

- Jay Ann, Nottingham

Gran's baking

"Bakewell tarts made by my Gran. Gran had a Kenwood Chef from the 1950s and I inherited it when she passed away and I had it refurbished so it now looks and performs as good as the day it was built. The smell of the bakewell tarts baking continues in my house and hopefully will for further generations."


Hot jam tarts

"My best memory is of my mother transferring a tray of lovely hot jam tarts with pastry, made with Trex of course, on to a cooling rack and greedy me attempting to eat one straight away. Needless to say I suffered a burnt mouth and a telling off!"

Pat, Cornwall

Baking success

"The first time I made a Victoria sponge and it turned out well, when I was about 13, I was so proud of myself! I'm 50 now and still enjoy baking cakes which turn out well… mostly!"

Patricia, Gwent

Warm, fresh doughnuts

"I will always remember from about the age of 9, the freshly made doughnuts made by our next door neighbour. He would always bring in a supply for us. They were lovely, warm and fresh and so yummy."

Heather, Ivybridge

Father's bread pudding

"My father was a baker. In the winter months my father used to make auspicious bread pudding using Trex. Unfortunately I never got his recipe and my attempts fall way short."

Melba, Southampton

Blue icing

"My mum always put a spot of blue food colouring in the icing to go on the Christmas cake as she said it made the white even brighter. One year, she went a bit mad and the cake actually turned out a pale blue!"

Elizabeth, Whitchurch

Christmas eve baking

"Making mince pies with my mum on Christmas eve – the best Christmas memory ever. I have kept the tradition up. Now I bake mince pies with my daughter every Christmas eve!"

- Arthur, Luton

Gran's custard tarts

"Watching my Gran make the most delicious custard tarts, using Trex of course!"

Karen, Ravenshead

Chocolate life lessons

"First baking memory (and lesson) – burning the chocolate when making Rice Krispie cakes. Realised it had to be melted in a bowl over boiling water rather than firing the chocolate straight into a warm pan on the stove."

- Shaun, Londonderry

Perfect pie

"My mom always using Trex in her pastry for homemade apple pie. I loved this with loads of homemade custard."

- Diane, Blackpool

Trex cookery book favourites

"I have a Trex cookery book which I received in 1970 and have made most of the recipes. I wouldn't be without it! Coffee walnut cake was one of my favourites. Trex gave all the cakes a special flavour all of their own!"

- Hilary, Cheshire

Collecting Mr Bibby tokens

"My mother using Trex for her pastry in the 1950s and collecting the Mr Bibby tokens from the flaps of the Trex packets. Once we had enough tokens to make the Mr Bibby shape they were sent away and we got card to stick in an album. Wonders of the World was my favourite but I never got the Northern Lights card!!!"

- Nina

Baking with mum

"Baking apple and blackberry pies and custard tarts with my mum – the kitchen smelt wonderful but mum's baking tasted even better"

- Margaret

Embarrassing my daughter

"My lasting memory is of my teenage daughter's blushing shame when not knowing he was there I called out in front of her new boyfriend "Do you want to lick the bowl as usual?" Well everybody knows that's one of the best bits."

- May

Granny's famous pancakes

"My Granny Boyd taught me how to bake when I was in primary school. Her speciality was pancakes, she could make a pancake into any shape you wanted - a dog, a flower... anything. I would shout it out and it would be served up. Not only delicious but great fun too!"

- Kathleen, Glasgow

Mum's Apple Pie

"My memory is of my mother baking for the family every Sunday – not even using scales, just guess work all the time – and everything was perfect. She baked scones and sandwich cakes, and her apple pies were lush. I'm professional baker now, so I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree!"

Michael, Newcastle

My mother-in-law's roasties

"My mother-in-law always made amazing roast potatoes and swore by Trex – my daughter used to really enjoy them."

Karen, Birmingham