Active April

With the freshness and light of springtime arriving at last, we’re welcoming April with open arms this year! From the blossoming of flowers to the new life in the fields and the Easter celebrations, we simply cannot wait to get outside and enjoy this fantastic month. The seasonal bounty of lamb, spring onion, wild garlic, spinach, bananas, potato and chicken is sure to put a spring in your step this season.

Trex Family Baking Challenge

This month we challenged Liam to bake something for Easter in the Trex Baking ChallengeAnd we reckon his Easter Chocolate Extravaganza does just the trick! 

Doing some Easter baking of your own? Take a photo, Instagram it with #BakingWithTrex and we'll feature your creation in the Trex Family Bakery!

A breath of fresh air

With springtime being all about new life, we’ve decided to take a fresh look at the world and open ourselves up to a few adventures. As April brings slightly warmer weather and celebrations such as Easter, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy every waking moment and make the most of time both indoors and out!

With so much out there to explore, we’re getting ready for an outdoor adventure these school holidays! Whether the activity is puddle jumping, skipping or enjoying a game in the park, we’re ready to get some fresh air. For those drizzly days we’ll be preparing for our days out by whipping up some snacks to enjoy on-the-go. The kids will love crafting the pastry for our simple sausage rolls and enjoying the chocolatey goodness of our chocolate chip cookies. Both are perfect for packing up to fuel the next adventure!

It looks like there’s a busy month up ahead, and we don’t want to be spending too much time indoors. At Trex we know that no matter how much you love baking sometimes there just isn’t enough time, so we have a couple of time-saving recipes for those hectic days. For a hearty treat with hidden vegetables, our half-time leek, ham and cheddar pasties are delicious and incredibly quick and straightforward to make. Of course with the changing of the seasons we see a whole new range of ingredients reach their peak. To really make the most of seasonal ingredients, a warming curried lamb stew gives a new twist on the classic and can easily be prepared in advance.

The end of April brings Easter and yet another opportunity to enjoy activities, treats and to celebrate new life. Have some fun with the kids in the kitchen with our Easter nest cupcakes, an adorable gift or a unique addition to the annual egg hunt. The children will love letting their creative juices flow in the decoration of these easy to make treats. For a party centrepiece, really get into the spirit of things with a true showstopper: a Happy Easter cake

Spring family activities

From the Easter egg hunt to exploring the great outdoors, the Trex team have gathered their favourite family activities to enjoy this season.

  • Easter egg hunt – Why not jazz up your hunt this year by playing detective with a series of clues leading to each treat!
  • Puddle jump challenge – A chance to get active and have fun seeing who can find the biggest puddle and of course make the most impressive splash
  • Family bake-off – If the weather’s keeping you indoors, we always love a friendly family bake off using recipes such as butterfly cakes to unleash the creativity
  • Den building – Whether hanging sheets over the washing line or piling up pillows in the living room, you’re never too old to enjoy building your very own fort!
  • Berry picking – Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the countryside and pick some fresh berries which would also make a fantastic crumble!
  • Kite flying – There’s something magical about flying a kite, from the effort to achieve lift-off to watching it dip and glide through the skies above
  • Gardening – If your little one loves getting muddy they’re sure to enjoy planting their very own flowers, or even a little apple tree!
  • Visit a local farmer’s market – Not only will the kids love exploring the new sights, smells and tastes, it gives you the perfect opportunity to pick up some fresh seasonal ingredients

Get outside

We know how tempting it is to stay indoors and get on with the spring cleaning and other chores, but we think it’s time to embrace the season and enjoy some outdoor adventures! Not only will the fresh air put a spring in your step, it opens the door to some quality family time and the creation of precious memories.